Common swimming pool equipment configuration

Common swimming pool equipment configuration

With people's pursuit of health, leisure and entertainment, and the vigorous development of tourism, various swimming pools continue to increase, and the demand for swimming pools is also increasing. So for a swimming pool, what aspects are involved in the basic product configuration? Let's take a look at some of the basic equipment configuration of the swimming pool.

   1. Swimming pool water circulation equipment

  1.1 swimming pool water pump

  It is mainly used to provide the power required for swimming pool water circulation. Only a suitable pump can provide water for the swimming pool. Therefore, when choosing a pump, pay attention to the head and power. For swimming pools with special water quality, special pumps should be selected to avoid equipment corrosion.

  1.2 filter sand tank

   From the perspective of water inlet and outlet, the filter sand tank is divided into side sand tank, top sand tank and horizontal sand tank. The equipment material is divided into glass fiber sand cylinder and stainless steel sand cylinder. The main body of the FRP sand cylinder is a seamless polyester shell. The spherical structure of glass fiber winding makes the sand tank durable and non-toxic. Anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, universal use in sea water and fresh water.

   2. Swimming pool purification equipment

  2.1 sterilization equipment

  The commonly used methods are ozone disinfection, medium-pressure ultraviolet disinfection and dosing disinfection pump. Ozone disinfection requires an ozone disinfection cabinet. The medium-pressure ultraviolet sterilizer can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, has no side effects, is environmentally friendly, convenient to use, low operating cost, and long working life. The dosing disinfection pump mainly uses some disinfectants for disinfection.

  2.2 cleaning equipment.

  General swimming pool cleaning equipment includes hair collectors, pool fishing nets, and pool suction machines.

  The hair collector is usually integrated into the water circulation system. It is simple and practical. It can intercept the hair in the swimming pool and greatly save human resources. The swimming pool is a public place, and there are often some floating objects on the pool surface, so you must use the swimming pool net to clean it. For the mud that settles to the bottom of the swimming pool, since the sediment cannot be purified with the circulating water, a special pool suction machine is used at this time.

   3. Swimming pool water heating equipment

   mainly used swimming pool constant temperature equipment, air source heat pump, three-in-one constant temperature dehumidification heat pump, electric heating automatic constant temperature system, swimming pool boiler, swimming pool constant temperature equipment is used to control the temperature of the swimming pool water and the temperature in the swimming pool.

   4. water quality testing equipment

   Water quality monitor is a frequently used water quality testing equipment, mainly used to detect the pH value, temperature and other indicators of swimming pool water quality.

   For some frequently used swimming pool water treatment equipment, in addition to the above-mentioned swimming pool water circulation equipment, swimming pool purification equipment, swimming pool water heating equipment and water quality testing equipment, some swimming pool auxiliary equipment will also be used.
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