Telescopic pole



Product Description


Our range of swimming pool cleaning set are used to clean up leaves, bugs, flower petals, ragweed, pinecones, seeds, twigs and anything else on surface of the pool. We offer cleaning tools in different designs including vacuum head, leaf skimmer, pool brush, vacuum hose etc.

Selection Notice

1.if you have any need detail about product, please contact us fo rmore assistance
2.if you need our engineer give you suggestion about equipped pool equipment of swimming pool project, please contact our staff to send your requirement and we will rreply you as soon as possible.
3.we can provide custom service about package, LOGO, Color, Design
4. Accept OEM product order
5.when you need some after sale assistance, we can provide professional service to solve problem you may have.

Product Name Model No. Descriptions
Telescopic pole GT027 2X120 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X180 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X240 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X300 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X350 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X400 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Blue)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X120 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X180 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X240 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X300 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color: Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X350 cm Ribbed pole - 1.1mm thick  (Color:Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X400 cm Ribbed pole - 1.2mm thick  (Color: Silver)
Telescopic pole GT027 2X450 cm Ribbed pole - 1.2mm thick  (Color: Silver)