Economy liner vacuum head


Product Features

1.Handle has installation button for attaching standard telescope poles

2.Vacuum port fits 1.5 inch standard vacuum hoses

3.Weighted Flexible body with Side Brush Sticks to the ground and covers more Suraface Including corners.

4.Half moon shape body is vacuuming along walls and into corners for a more complete clean.

5.Nylon bristles at the bottom are gentle on pool floors. 

6.Vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic to be durable and resistant to typical pool chemicals.

Selection Notice

As a manufacturer of pool cleaning parts, Greatpool not only provides distribution and wholesale business, but also provides customized processing services for various channel dealers, builders, and trading companies.

Our profile includes two parts, the first part is about the pool equipment wholesale specification product introduction, and the second part is about the custom service introduction. The customers who need please check the introduction carefully or contact us directly for more details.



We provide custom services about the following:

(1)Fully customized product style

A. You provide the design document, our production team makes the mold and production according to your design.

B. You tell us your ideas and needs, our design and production team will provide you with design services according to your needs, and then make molds and production.

(2)Partial customization

A. Color customization

You have innovative needs for the current product color, please contact our staff to provide you with a color custom service quote.

B. Packaging customization

At present, there are various packaging methods to choose from. If you have special needs, please contact our staff

C. LOGO customization

D. Material customization



Product Name Model Descriptions
Vacuum head GT001 Premium rotative vacuum head
Vacuum head GT002 crescent shape economy vacuum head
Vaccum head GT003 triangular swivel vacuum head
Vaccum head GT004 triangular transparent vacuum head
Vaccum head GT005 rotative vacuum head with side brush
Heavy Vaccum head GT006 15",heavy duty vacuum head
Heavy Vaccum head 19",heavy duty vacuum head
Vaccum head GT007 14" flexible vacuum head with side brush
Vaccum head GT008 14" flexible vacuum head with side brush
Vaccum head GT009 18" premium aluminum vacuum head
Vaccum head GT010 19" black and white extra long vacuum head
Vaccum head EY02 15"heavy duty vacuum head
Vaccum head EY02 24"heavy duty vacuum head
Vaccum head GT011 oval shape vacuum head
Vaccum head GT012 14" aluminum deluxe vacuum head
18" aluminum deluxe vacuum head