Stainless Steel Pool Cleaning Brush


Product Description

GREAT POOL supply all kinds of pool brush.The pool brush is an easy and convenient solution for cleaning residential and commercial swimming pool floor and wall.

Product Features

1.18" deluxe wall brush with an aluminum back ,hardened plastic frame and stainless steel bristles
2.Stainless steel bristles are effective against stubborn algae buildup.
3. Premium design and durable material makes the brush good quality to clean the most stubborn algae buildup quickly and easily
4.Fits to all standard telepole
5.Curved edges helps clean the long corner most easily
6.Designed to clean public and private swimming pool wall, floor, step and corners
7.Not designed for use with vinyl pool liners

Selection Notice

Customized service
1. Package can be customized.
2. LOGO can be custom.
3.Color can be choosed by your need.

Product name Model Descriptions
Pool cleaning brush GT019 18" standard plastic brush
Pool cleaning brush GT020 18" brush with aluminum back and handle
Pool cleaning brush GT021 18" aluminum handle pool brush withstainless steel bristles
Pool cleaning brush GT022 10" pool brush withstainless steel bristles
Pool cleaning brush GT023 10" plastic pool cleaning brush