small power swimming pool Pump


As manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool equipment, Greatpool offers variety equipemnt and accesssory for swimming pool, landscape pool and water park water treatment.


Product Description

SQP series pool pump, high efficient structure design for diffuser and impeller to get high performance. Inlet and outlet is with female or male thread for easy connection. Liquids part is made of high reinforce engineering plastic with compact structure. Applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. The high reinforce engineering plastic base is vibration-resistance and corrosive-resistance.


Suitable for spa baths, swimming pools, water treatment facilities.
Ornamental pools and other liquid circulation system circulation and filtratio

Selection Notice

1. Size of pools/request current/pressure etc.
2.Applied region’s voltage and frequency (220-240V/60HZ,220-240V/50HZ,110-120V/60HZ is available.)
3. Applied region’s request for safety certificate.
4. The fitting size.


Model QMax Hmax V/Hz Power Amps Fitting size Weight Packing Size
(L/min) (m) kW HP mm (kg) (mm)
SQP100 310 14.5 220-240/50 0.75 1 3.8 48.5or50 11.4 535*255*325
SQP150 350 17.5 220-240/50 1.1 1.5 5.2 48.5or50 12.8 535*255*325