Anti Slip Swimming Pool Overflow Grating


Product Description

GREAT Pool overflow gratings usually are installed on the side water channel along the swimming pool surface for collecting water any excess water overflows due to jumping or swimming by the swimmers is not allowed to overflow onto the pool surround.
Available in different sizes and colors. pool size determine the length of grating.

Product Features

1.An non-slip surface
2.Easy installation and cleaning
3.Available in different sizes and colors.
4.For all models of grating, a channel 5 mm wider than the grating must be built so that it easily fits into place and any potential expansion is prevented.
Suitable for spa baths, swimming pools, water park etc

Model Height x Width (mm) Material Color
GT-I18 25X180 PVC/ABS white/customized
GT-I20 25X200 PVC/ABS white/customized
GT-I25 25X250 PVC/ABS white/customized
GT-I30 25X300 PVC/ABS white/customized