Top mount fiberglass Swimming pool Sand Filter


As manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool equipment, Greatpool offers media filters for swimming pool, landscape pool and water park water treatment.
Greatpool is able to customize sand filter size, color, package and Logo as clients requirement. 

Product Description

G series filters are manufactured from the highest possible material and they are built to last. Incorporating the strength of spun fibreglass internally and externally,the GMS series filter offers exceptional in-field reliability and all weather protection.

Product Features

1.Filter tank is molding from fiberglass and resin mixture
2.All-new Cross-over Bobbin Winding Technology makes the sand filter tank sturdy
3.Dual-layer full fibreglass tank, inside and out,improve corrosion resistance and water leakage prevention
4.UV resistant body with unique anti-UV oil, Increased service life.
5.UV resistant,Anti-break and water leakage filter valve is made of high quality ABS and plastic mixture,which has been 6.Tested repeatedly over 80000 times
7.Improved perspective-glass for easier viewing
8.All products 100% tested

Working Conditions

The filter is using of special filter sand to eliminate the small dirt in the pool. The filter sand is used as a medium for removing contaminants and is filled in the chamber of the filter.


1.Suitable for spa baths, swimming pools, water treatment facilities.
2.Ornamental pools and other liquid circulation system circulation and filtration.

Selection Notice

Type of sand filter

Top mount sand filter, side mount sand filter or commercial horizontal sand filter available 

Sand filter color
Common: gray, black, green
Custom color can available according to the color palette provided by the customer, the quantity is specified (a 40HQ cabinet sand tank amount is more than 10,000 US dollars

Sand filter valve head parameters

400mm(16 inch)-700mm(28 inch) sand filter: 1.5 inch multiport valve 
700Bmm(28B inch)-1400mm56 inch Use: 2 inch multiport valve 
larger sand filter, more size available

Model Tank Diam Inch Filter area() Max.flow rate Sand required(kg) Max Working Pressure(Kpa)
IPM m³/h
G14 346mm 1.5" 0.1 80 5 20 370
G16 410mm 1.5" 0.13 105 6 30 370
G18 454mm 1.5" 0.16 133 8 40 370
G21 534mm 1.5" 0.23 192 12 85 370
G25 635mm 1.5" 0.33 270 16 155 370
G28 700mm 1.5" 0.38 320 19 210 370
G28B 700mm 2" 0.38 333 20 210 370
G32 820mm 2" 0.5 420 25 250 370
G36 920mm 2" 0.65 500 30 350 370
G40 1016mm 2" 0.79 550 33 600 370
G44 1092mm 2" 0.98 630 38 900 370
G48 1210mm 2" 1.13 700 42 1150 370
G56 1404mm 2" 1.54 960 57 1800 370