Stainless Steel RGB Led Underwater Light


Product Description

It usually has several characteristics, including decoration of swimming pool in night, lighting up the pool so that the pool time can be extended, making the pool use safer though dark night.

Product Features

1) Long service life and extremely low maintenance costs;
2) Low power consumption, high brightness, not hot,
3) The low-voltage circuit is completely isolated from the mains, which is safe to use and green.
4) Various colors, and can choose colorful changing colors;
5) Variable projection angle, can project light from long distance, middle distance or short distance
5) Flexible installation 


1. Hotel swimming pool
2. Private swimming pool
3. Courtyard swimming pool
4. Musical fountain pool
5. Scenic decoration pool

Selection Notice

Swimming pool light FAQ
1. Why choose the pool light produced by our company?
Answer: Our products have good design and selected materials.
We improve pool lights service life from the light source, power supply, lamp body, heat dissipation.

2. What about quality of your LED pool lights?
A: It uses high-density mixed glue, one-time packaging and molding, and the waterproof level reaches IP68.

3.How long is this LED pool light warranty?
Answer: When you buy our company's regular pool lights, the warranty period is one years from the date of your purchase.

4.There are many colors of swimming pool lights, can you make it?
Answer: The LED industry's lighting color is called "color temperature". The color temperature of our company's lighting products can be produced according to customer needs. Conventional color temperatures are: 3000-3200K warm light, 4000-4500K neutral light, 6000-6500K positive white light. RGB, red, green, blue and other color temperature can be customized.

5.What are the specifications and power of your LED swimming pool lights?
Answer: our swimming pool lights have wall hung and recessed type, and have 3W 6W 9W 12W 18W 36w multiple power options. it can meet your various needs.

6. what about the installation of LED swimming pool lights ?
A: The installation of swimming pool lights is relatively simple. It is divided into recessed installation and wall hung style. The recessed assembly is that holes can be opened in the wall surface, and the lamps can be embedded. The wall-mounted installation is simpler and pool light can be directly hung on the pool wall.

7. what about pool light OEM service and wholesale business?
Answer: We are a pool equipment manufacturer and supplier, and also provide OEM and wholesale services for various channel dealers, engineers, and trading companies.welcome to contact us for your need.

8. I don't know what kind of pool light is suitable for my venue, what should I do?
A: You can contact our staff according to the contact information. We will arrange the most professional technician for you to provide a free plan that is most suitable swimming pool light solution.

Model Diameter (cm) Thickness (cm) Watts Volts Bulb Type No. of LED LED Colour
GT6001A 23 4.8 100W 12V Halogen N/A N/A
GT6001B 23 4.8 7W 12V LED 96 White,
Red, Blue, Green
GT6001B 23 4.8 10W 12V LED 144 White,
Red, Blue, Green
GT6001C 23 4.8 6W 12V LED 6 White,
Red, Blue, Green
GT6001C 23 4.8 9W 12V LED 9 White,
Red, Blue, Green
GT6001C 23 4.8 12W 12V LED 12 White,
Red, Blue, Green
GT6001C 23 4.8 18W 12V LED 18 White,
Red, Blue, Green