• A solution provider of swimming pool equipment
    Custom pool equipment
    from Greatpool
  • A solution provider of swimming pool equipment
    Application to swimming pools in villas, hotels, schools, communities, gymnasiums
  • A solution provider of swimming pool equipment
    One pool of clear water, constant temperature in all seasons, international standard
  • A solution provider of swimming pool equipment
    Environmental protection, health, durable, high-efficient design concept


GREAT POOL focus is to build long term relationships with our customers, not simply a quick product sale! we have years experience in swimming pool equipment manufacturing, we can give you best support and service.


We offer our customers a worry-free comprehensive solution of swimming pool equipment and accessories to build and maintenance their beautiful pool.

Circulation & filtration system, heating system, lighting sytem,disinfection system, decoration system, cleaning system all available now
Only provide pool size, we make a solution of pool equipment

New Products

“Construction Services offers a full range of construction services from initial design to project completion.” on image to this sentence ”we customize our range of pool equipment as the requirement of the clients.”


Greatpool offers a wide range of pool consulting services with comprehensive assistance for design, construction, renovation and pool maintenance.

Pool Construction

Complete on-site construction services.Our solution walks you through the pool equipment configuration phases of pool construction.

Pool Design

With the concept of green, health, high efficient, we are engaged in presenting a wide assortment of Swimming Pool Design solution to our clients in compliance with the set industry standards.

Pool Renovation

Renovate an aging pool means breathes new life into old pools. We provide cost-effective, low maintenance solutions for these particular needs.

Pool Maintenance

Comprehensive technical support give swimming pool owners, operators, managers and machine room staff, the knowledge they need to enable them to operate their equipment correctly, safely and economically.