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The swimming pool equipment and systems produced and supplied by GREATPOOL  are sold globally through a network of agents, builders, distributors and professional contractors. They carefully select and carefully install our products, equipment and systems. Our goal is to make our products work in swimming pools, spas and water facilities, whether it is new construction, renovation or operation.

Pool water circulation system

Swimming pool pump is the core of swimming pool water treatment system.
The water is pumped out of the pool, passes through the filtration and chemical treatment system, and then continuously returns to the pool to ensure that there is no dirt, debris and bacteria in the pool.
GREAT POOL swimming pool pumps are suitable for swimming pools of all sizes and types, from small private swimming pools to the largest Olympic size swimming pools.

pool circulation pump system

Pool filtration system

A well-designed filtration system will help ensure clear water for your swimming pool.
The GREAT POOL swimming pool filter is designed to clean dirt and other small debris in the water, and can also help reduce the growth of bacteria and algae.
GREAT POOL is the world leader in advanced filtration technology and has the widest range of swimming pool filters; from simple cartridge filters to sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters.

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pool filtration system

Water disinfection system
Disinfectants are used to kill any remaining microorganisms in the water; it is a key part of the water treatment process because many bacteria can be harmful to human health.

Chlorine and bromine disinfection

The most widely known and common solution for disinfection of swimming pool water. Chlorine and bromine are extremely effective in killing microorganisms, but they need to be carefully controlled. All GREAT POOL chlorine treatment systems are designed with ease of use and safety for pool users.

Ozone disinfection
It is an increasingly popular technique, especially in swimming pools. Ozone uses oxygen atoms to destroy microorganisms through oxidation. Compared with traditional chlorine and bromine-based disinfection systems, ozone has many advantages. Ozone can not only disinfect the water, but also remove the chemical residues in the pool water. These chemical residues can cause turbidity in the water, produce chemical odors, and irritate the skin and eyes.

By using ultraviolet wavelengths, bacteria are inactivated and become harmless. This type of technology has many advantages of an ozone system, but does not require dose control because no chemicals are involved.

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pool disinfection system

Heating and Dehumidification Systems 

Our goal is to provide the best heating and dehumidification solution for your swimming pool and how you use it

As a manufacturer, GREAT POOL is proud to be able to provide a variety of solutions for your selection of how to heat the swimming pool.
The working principle of solar swimming pool heating is to use the free energy of the sun to heat the circulating water and return it to the swimming pool at an elevated temperature.
Electric swimming pool heaters, also known as heat pumps, work by bringing water into a heating tank and then pumping warm water back to the swimming pool. The constant exchange of heat and cold keeps your swimming pool warm. There are two types of electric heaters; water source and air source. Although the two work similarly, water source heaters transfer heat from the water source to your swimming pool water, while air source heaters use heat from the air.
Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular due to their low environmental impact and relatively high energy efficiency. Heat pump water heaters can work in places that are not suitable for solar water heaters


pool heat pump production

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Sauna and SPA systemsauna room production

Both steam and sauna are good for physical and mental health.
Let GREATPOOL configure or customize the sauna room system according to your project may be the best choice. Both provide great flexibility and easy installation.

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Produced on the same production line as international brands to ensure quality.

If you are actively involved in swimming pool planning, design, construction or operation, and want to learn anything about the products, policies or orders, please contact us via email. 

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