Swimming pool deep-bag nets are swimming pool cleaning supplies used to clean pool surface and bottom dirt, also known as: pool deep-bag leaf rake, swimming pool deep bage leaf skimmer, swimming pool leaf nets. For visible debris in deep pool, we need to use a deep-bag pool rake. Some debris will sink to the bottom because of its heavy weight. The normal pool leaf skimmer is too shallow to achieve the cleaning effect. The combination of swimming pool deep bag leaf rake and shallow water pool leaf skimmer is to create clear and clean pool water.



Swimming pool deep bag leaf rake

the net bag is large and deep, the mesh of net is dense. this leaf rake can salvage all dirt visible to out naked eye. it mainly applicated to salvage leaf, rubbish and bugs in the water.


handle is made of durable and strength plastic material. there is a screw hole at the handle end to connect pool pole.

Pool leaf rake frame

the color of pool leaf rake net frame is the same as the hanle, good looking and durable. it can hold net bag well.

Net bag

The net bag is large and deep. Visible leaf, rubbish and tiny debris can be completely salvaged.


It can be used by connecting with the corresponding swimming pool telescopic pole.


The net bag of the deep bag pool rake is very large. Pay attention to maintenance during usage and after use. Do not let sharp objects near your pool leaf skimmer, otherwise the net will be damaged. After use, clean with water and do not expose to the sun. Store in a dry and cool place.

GREAT POOL supply all range of pool leaf skimmer and rake.The pool leaf skimmer is an easy and convenient solution for leaves, insects, bugs, and even small debris in the swimming pool, hot tubs, waterpark, ponds, spa or fountain. Takes only a few minutes to clean the entire pool with this pool leaf skimmer.

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