We are well aware of the fact that the stable and safe operation of a swimming pool depends on not only the complete and quality equipment itself but an important dry and clean machine room environment. According to our experience, we conclude three defenses: waterproof&moisture, dust, and heat.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: The circulating pool pumps, sterilizers, and other equipment in the swimming pool machine room should prevent the water from soaking and causing the circuit of the machine to be burned, so the drainage measures like preventing water accumulation should be done in the machine room.

Dustproof: There will be a control circuit board in the swimming pool equipment room. If the dust is too much more, the dust will be attracted to the circuit board due to the effect of static electricity. Molded wire breakage and normally printed wire mold breakage will occur in extremely thin signal lines and via holes in multilayer circuit boards. In severe cases, the metal pins may even rust, causing control failure.

Heat protection: Most equipment has certain requirements for the working temperature. For example, the swimming pool thermostat heat pump will generate heat due to the operation of the machine itself. When designing, heat dissipation must be considered to maintain ventilation around the machine to prevent damage to the electronic component caused by operation overheating.