First, Test the water's pH levels.

We all know there are chemicals in pool water that help maintain a pool's cleanliness. But factors like weather and use can affect chemical levels. You should test the pH levels at least three times a week to make sure the pool is safe to use. You can buy a pH tester or PH test kit at Greatpool. Once you've selected a tester or test kit, use this to check your pool's pH levels. The pH level of your pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Depending on how users chlorinate their pool, they may find that attempting to maintain a pool with a low pH will bring frequent acid additions. If you're frequently adding acid you may want to look into lowering your Total Alkalinity(TA)level. If your pH is outside these ranges, use either pH reducer or pH increaser. Apply as needed to bring your pool to the proper pH range.

Second, add sanitizing chlorine tablets.
Sanitizing chlorine tablets are tables you also can purchase at Greatpool. They dissolve slowly and release chlorine to kill any bacteria in your pool water. You should add tablets to your pool as instructed on the label. You should also add tablets to your skimmer, floater, or automatic feeder to make sure these utensils are also bacteria-free.

Third, consider pool shock.
Pool shock is a type of pool cleaner that targets bacteria released by things like hair, urine, and sweat. If you're worried about contamination, consider using pool shock.